Hi, I’m Ryan Spilhaus

I’m a Front-End Designer/Developer in Kansas City.

Recent Work

I’ve worked with a variety of clients to create all sorts of amazing things. Whether it’s for a non-profit or for-profit, big corporation or small storefront, I love designing and building functional and attractive solutions that accomplish the client’s goals.

About Me

I was born in New England and forged in the crucible of agency life in Washington, DC. I’m now working at a great agency just outside Kansas City, where I’m surrounded by more BBQ than I could ever eat (but that won’t stop me from trying).

I’m a fan of nerdy stuff, good music, great food and lame puns.

Some of my skills include:

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Contact Me

Email me at Enable Javascript to view or use the form below to send me a message. Please note that I’m not taking on any freelance opportunities right now.