Fighting for Fireworks on Facebook. Helping to turn a setback into brand awareness with a cheeky microsite.

Black Cat Fireworks

Front-End Development

When Black Cat Fireworks was told by Facebook that they weren’t allowed to advertise any longer (due to fireworks being classified as explosives) we looked for a way to turn this to their advantage. Eventually, the #BackTheCat microsite was born.


Front-End Development

As with any development effort, I made sure to utilize modern front-end techniques and clean code while building it. Working closely with the designer and on a tight deadline, I was able to create a site that looks and works great on all devices.

Social Media Campaign

A key aspect of the campaign was the ability to share the ads effortlessly on Facebook. I built custom sharing functionality that has a negligible performance cost (as opposed to most off-the shelf sharing plugins) and makes it easy for the user to share.

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