A pair of sites for a great nonprofit organization, helping them fulfill their important mission.

EcoAgriculture Partners

Front-End Development | WordPress Development

EcoAgriculture Partners works to solve issues through an innovative whole landscape approach. They are also the secretariat of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature initiative, a coalition of like-minded organizations working to create and sustain integrated agricultural landscapes world-wide.


Front-End Development

I built a pair of responsive websites that look great on any screen. A great design deserves a great code base, and lots of care was put into the development of these two sites. A non-profit can’t afford to have their message hindered by a buggy site!

WordPress Development

I build all my WordPress themes from scratch, because it allows me to have complete control over the code. This is important when the build requires extensive customization, as this one did. In addition to integrating WordPress as the CMS, I built out special functionality within WordPress for things like events management, feature management, custom authorship and multiple custom post types.

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