Don’t just say you create action – show it. A top-notch agency deserves a top-notch website to show the world.

MBB+ Agency

Front-End Development

My first major project upon joining MBB was to build the front-end of the new website they had been working on. MBB is an advertising agency just outside Kansas City doing great work for all sorts of clients and the website had to reflect the high quality work being produced. What a great way to start a job!

MBB Logo

Front-End Development

Bringing the design to life was an exciting process, full of interesting opportunities to use cutting edge web technologies like Flexbox, CSS Animations, native background video and more. The responsive design looks great on any device, and I was able to integrate plenty of interesting microinteractions to create a smooth, engaging experience.

Teamwork makes the dream work

I love working with teams of specialized people, and this project was no exception. I was able to work with designers to interpret their vision, copywriters and SEO specialists to make sure the site was optimized, and a back-end developer to prepare the site to be integrated with the Drupal CMS. When everyone is working together, a great website is easy to create!

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